By the time she could walk she was dancing and by the time she could talk she was singing. Growing up, Sarah Felicia would put on shows for her family, but knowing how tricky the music business can be she took her ability out of her hometown of Ontario, Canada and adventured to take a shot at building her artistic abilities. She had the opportunity to study in Nashville, Tennessee working to get her full book of indie folk/pop songs actually produced. Sarah’s current goals are to create her first EP, continue building a community of fans, and to showcase her songs at a variety of local performances.

  Sarah’s future ambitions are to inspire and encourage a variety of people with her music by, of course, creating an album. During her semester in Nashville she focused on writing and producing four to five songs for her first EP. Sarah has said in the past that, “It takes a dreamer to dream big, it takes faith to believe in those big dreams, and it takes courage to act and see those big dreams come to pass. View your dreams as inevitable, rather than improbable. Never give up, make your dreams your reality.”

  Through her faith, prayer and perseverance she was able to achieve her seemingly impossible dreams of performing music and songwriting to reach a variety of people. Sarah, once again, wants to encourage her audience and to give them what they want to hear.

  Sarah Felicia always enjoyed writing music and has done so since she was nine years old. The main artists that have influenced her music style are Gabrielle Aplin, Regina Spektor, Brooke Fraser, The Beatles, and Mumford and Sons. Sarah is also heavily influenced by music of the past ranging from the jazz sounds of the twenties to the rock of the eighties.  Growing up she took singing lessons and decided to learn the guitar six years ago. As her passion for music grew she began writing her own songs, and being more musically involved in school, church, and in choirs. She was always known as the entertainer of the family and she, of course, took baby steps to get to where she is. These steps and dreams will soon be reaching her not just at entertaining friends and family, but at coffee shops or stadiums, which can be filled with even bigger fans. She would like to take the next step, but respectfully knows patience is a virtue.